Film Permits

As it is known, filming permits must be obtained from the authorities and kept in the places where the film projects are to be shot. Filmarka also provides support to customers on this movie release.

Movie Shooting Permission

Just like everywhere in the world, you will need legal permissions for your films and other footage in Turkey. Although Turkey has good intentions in this matter, you will need specialists to be able to obtain these legal permits at desired times, to follow up transactions and to mediate with the authorities.

Filmarka, your film shoots and other shooting projects you will perform in Turkey, provide you with legal services for legal permission, location, authorization agreements and other formal proceedings.

Filmarka Kiralık Kamera ve Film Ekipmanları

Filmarka, kiralık kamera, kiralık Lens, Kiralık Film ekipmanları hizmeti veren Türkiye'nin en geniş envanterine sahip kiralama şirketidir. - Kamera kiralama, film ekipmanları kiralama, lens kiralama hizmetlerinin yanında profesyonel ekibi ile çekim ekibi hizmetide vermektedir.

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