Filmarka works with experience teams to help you with many aspects of your projects. These teams can help you find places to shoot movies, set cents, get filming permits, find vehicles for film equipment, find accommodation for film crews, find local researchers, find local casts and film budgets, and provide equipment and expert team support they work.

Filmarka, Turkey Film Screening Services

Camera and Film Equipment Rental Service
Filmarka has more than 20 years of experience serving more than 200 cameras and film equipments with 24/7 inventory every day.

Our camera inventory includes all the camera branding models that you need besides the camera sets that are specially created for your shots.

The world's most popular camera and camera brand models are waiting for you to use our inventory in your projects.

We will be pleased to support you with our most extensive inventory of equipment in Turkey, rental of cameras in Istanbul, rental of cameras in Turkey and our expert cadres.
Our rental camera inventory includes Arri, Red, Blackmagic, Sony by popular cameras such as Arri Alexa Mini, Red Epic, Red Epic W 8K (Helium Sensor), Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Blackmagic Ursa, Sony fs7, Sony a7s2, Canon Eos c300 Mark 2 , Canon, Panasonic and other popular camera brands.

Production Service
Filmarka offers rental services for camera and film equipment as well as production services for all kinds of shooting business with its expert staff. Whether you are a regular producer or a post-production worker, we are happy to help you all.
We also provide expert team support for your production jobs.

Expert Team Support
Filmarka has over 20 years of experience working with specialized teams. Filmarka, which has a large team that can use all kinds of cameras and equipments, provides expert team support to you in your shoots in Istanbul and Turkey. Expert cadres who can speak different languages, especially in English will give you great convenience in your shootings in Turkey.
We also help you with specialist guide services to assist you in your pre-shooting explorations in Istanbul and Turkey, with tools to find the vehicle title, plateau, required filming permissions, and make necessary contracts
Legal Movie Release Permissions
Just like everywhere in the world, you will need legal permissions for your films and other footage in Turkey. Although Turkey has good intentions in this matter, you will need specialists to be able to obtain these legal permits at desired times, to follow up transactions and to mediate with the authorities.
Filmarka, your film shoots and other shooting projects you will perform in Turkey, provide you with legal services for legal permission, location, authorization agreements and other formal proceedings.

Shooting Location Finding Consulting
We help you find places in Turkey where you will need movies, videos, documentaries and photo shoots. We organize trips to the shooting locations for you. We're making deals. We also provide video and photo presentations about the office shooting locations.

Local Researcher Counseling
We provide you with contact and support for local researchers, historians and field experts who will need your film footage. We will mediate your contracts by bringing you together with experts who will support you in pre-productions of your pre-production.

Local Actor and Actor Discovery Consultancy
We will help you find local famous castes and no name faces you'll need in filming and projects. We send the documents you will examine these names before you come to Turkey, making it easy for you to make the necessary agreements for you
Drone Shooting
We support you for your aerial shots with our professional equipment and professional staff. We deliver it to you in the format you want to shoot the aerials you need in Turkey without bringing your own crew and equipment. We provide all the equipment you will need up to the most popular airborne vehicles DJI and Cinestar's latest Octocopters.

Vehicle and Driver Support
We help you hire crews, lighting trucks, equipment carrier trucks, VIP caravans and drivers who will use them on a daily basis in films and other shooting projects you will be doing in Turkey. We organize necessary agreements and contracts.

Hotel and Accommodation Solutions
We arrange for you hotel and accommodation needs as long as you stay in Istanbul and Turkey, we arrange necessary reservations and transfers.

Budget Planning Consultancy
We provide budget planning and management consultancy so that you can use your big or small budget budgets in the best way in Turkey. From financial point of view, we help you make your shoots at maximum quality with minimum risk.

Filmarka Kiralık Kamera ve Film Ekipmanları

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