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Rental Ursa Mini Pro quality will give you the success you expect in your projects. Ursa Mini Pro Rentals
Ursa Mini Pro for Rent / Ursa Mini Pro for Rent
Ursa Mini, the most popular camera model of Blackmagic Desing, which has managed to become one of the biggest camera manufacturers of the world, developed itself after the success and managed to keep the attention on it with Ursa Mini Pro.

Equipped with Ursa Mini's features and more, Ursa Mini Pro has taken firm steps towards becoming the indispensable camera for professionals.

Turkey's largest camera and film equipment having to inventory FILMARI, Blackmagic Desing cameras are bringing with you from the first day. FILMARI inventory in each period with virtually every camera located Blackmagic Desing, whereby increased recognition in Turkey. Filmarka's contribution in this area is also great.

Filmarka rental camera services include Blackmagic with the following cameras.

Ursa Mini Pro for Rent
Ursa Mini for Rent
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Ursa Mini Pro Specifications
Introduced with the slogan Profesyonel The world's first digital film camera with professional broadcast camera features and controls Ur, Ursa Mini Pro has recently taken part in the work that confirms this discourse and has successfully completed it.

Ursa Mini Power

Meet the URSA Mini Pro, a professional digital film camera that combines the incredible image quality of the URSA Mini 4K with traditional broadcast camera features and controls! There are many ergonomically designed controls on the side of the camera, so you can touch and feel most settings without having to take your eyes off the shots.

The URSA Mini Pro also includes; it features a new interchangeable revolutionary lens mount that allows you to switch between the built-in ND filters, status indicator and EF photo lenses and PL, B4 and F lenses. The URSA Mini Pro records up to 60fps and comes with a dual CFast 2.0 recorder as well as a dual SD / UHS-II Card recorder. The URSA Mini Pro is lightweight and comfortable enough to use all day, has controls that are extremely fast to use and far superior to the image quality of ten times more expensive broadcast cameras.

Ursa Mini Pro: Digital Film Quality in Every Project

The perfect camera for digital film, broadcast, live production and more.

The URSA Mini Pro features üç three cameras in one housing çünkü because it combines high-end digital film quality with the ergonomics and features that broadcasters need. The highest quality films, television programs and commercials; Ideal for all types of work, including independent films, news programs and even studio and live production. Because the URSA Mini Pro features 4.6K resolution over Ultra HD, all with a super wide color scale and DaVinci color science, and 15-step dynamic range, you'll always capture cinema-quality images. Because of its super compact body, broadcast camera ergonomics and advanced operating software features, it is faster to install and use than any other camera! Whether shooting on the set, shooting location or on the move; URSA Mini Pro has the image quality and features you need to work on any project!

Ursa Mini Pro Design

The URSA Mini Pro is designed to include everything you need in a handheld camera, so you can take it anywhere! Unlike cheap plastic cameras, the weight-balanced camera body is made of a very robust magnesium alloy. It is a true professional camera that provides multiple access to each control, including the power button. Plus, with tactile controls, you can change all settings without having to take the camera off your shoulder! It has an external high-visibility LCD status display and a pop-up 4-inch display for critical viewing information, so you can review shots without having to bring an extra monitor in the kit! 12G-SDI, XLR audio, a built-in high quality microphone, professional connections and more features. The optional electronic viewfinder and shoulder mount allows you to switch from tripod to handheld in seconds, or you can turn the URSA Mini Pro into the ultimate live production camera by adding a URSA Studio Viewfinder.

Built-in ND Filters

High quality natural density filters with IR compensation.

The URSA Mini Pro includes high quality natural density (ND) filters that allow you to quickly reduce the amount of light entering the camera. Two-, four-, and six-step filters are designed to match the color measurement and color science of the URSA Mini Pro, giving you additional breadth even in harsh lighting conditions. This achieves motion blur in much more varied situations, more shallow depth of field or specific levels

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