Film Equipment Rental Turkey

Filmarka is an experienced camera rental company that has been serving in film equipment rental sector in Istanbul / Turkey for many years.

The rental of film equipments is provided for both film shoots to be realized in Turkey and film shoots to be realized abroad as well as film shoots to be performed from abroad to Turkey.

Coming from abroad, we have made films, documentaries, videos, promotional films, etc. in Turkey. you can rent camera and film equipment from Filmarka for use in your projects.

You can get professional services from Filmarka on the following issues.

  • Camera Rentals in Turkey
  • Movie Equipment Rental in Turkey
  • Lens Rental in Turkey
  • Monitor rental in Turkey
  • Slide & gimbal rental in Turkey
  • Light set rental in Turkey
  • Rental of sound sets in Turkey
  • Film production service in Turkey
  • Expert team service in Turkey
  • Permission for filming in Turkey
  • Film shooting service in Turkey
  • Researcher search service in Turkey
  • Drone service in Turkey
  • Live broadcast service in Turkey

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